International Cooperation and Science-Technology Division

International Cooperation and Science-Technology Division helps the Rector to manage and carry out activities on international cooperation and scientific Rresearch  of college. The Division has duties as follows:

1/ External Cooperation: 

a/ Directly co-ordinate with departments, divisions to build and organize program, planning, project on training and other fields under this work of college.

b/ Carry out processes, negotiating formalities, writing, conclusion on program, project between college and foreign colleges.

c/ Attend on managing and carrying out program, project concluded with foreign colleges.       

d/ Directly co-ordinate with Training Affairs Division and other related units to consult for students about foreign colleges.

e/ Directly co-ordinate with Training Affairs Division and divisions to build and develop international training program.

f/ Carry out processes, formalities on inviting incomings delegation and leading outgoings delegation of program, project or other cases belonging to scale of international relationship of college.

g/ Organize and implement international conferences, workshops of college.

h/ Translate document, and attend on translating in international conferences and workshops and welcome foreign guests of college.

i/ Manage students who are foreigners but learning at college.

2/ Scientific research:

a/ Build and carry out  regulations on scientific research of college.

b/ Build program, planning on scientific research. Organize controlling and evaluating these execution, and regularly report the situation of these activities to the higher authorities.

c/ Negotiate  and organize negotiation with organizations, individuals on scientific research contract; organize implementing concluded contracts.

d/ Introduce advanced technology and technical&scientific works of college to enterprises, organizations, companies for transfering these technology or signing a contract on transfering right of use of these works.

e/ Evaluate results of scientific research, initiative activities, invention and propose reward for excellent science works;

f/ To be permanent member of Science Council of college.