Administration Division

HCQT_Nguyen Hai

Administration Division helps the President to manage Archives, Storage, order, security, enviroment, public assets, and serve other works per to the decision of the President. Department of Administration has the following concrete duties:

1/ Carry out Archives, storage, security for document to be the responsibility on management, settlement of Department in accordance with regulations of the State and The President.

2/ Organize and link with units, the local authority to carry out political security and social order in college area and around the college.

3/ Perform Regulations of the Law and Regulations of the college on managing, using public assets in order to serve managerial and training works.

4/ Execute formalities and implement purchase, repair, replacement, allocation about kinds of assets, equipment, stationeries for units, individual belonging to managerial scale of college.

5/ Receive, manage and allocate goods aided by foreign country.

6/ Manage car group and serve travelling of Board of Managers and units of college as the laws and regulations of the college.

7/ To be in charge of reception, festival, comings and goings guests.

8/ To be in charge of security, order and national defence education of college.

9/ To be in charge of fire fighting, prevention of natural calamity.

10/ Manage dining-room of students and staff of college.


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