International Training Centre

Tran Thanh Tuan International Training Centre manages and implements the study; builds up and develops training content in the development process of the College; handles students career affairs; research the requirement of IT human resource to make a proposal on training orientation with the following main tasks:

1/ To coordinate with Training Affairs Division, Faculties to build up and implement annual, long-term programs and plan of developing training content

2/ To preside and cooperate with Training Affairs Division, Faculties to edit, supplement educational programs, syllabi, textbooks.

3/ To preside over composing the draft of fundamentals, curriculum, syllabi according to training requirements of Training Affairs Division

4/ To coordinate with departments to hold seminars to develop the content of subject, majors in accordance with information technology demands of society.

5/ To coordinate with Job Center and related departments to survey information technology human resource demands of society to develop training content and open new majors.

6/ To build up and implement survey plan on human resource and statement of IT training in the country in general and in Central Highland in particular and introduction program on annual and long-term jobs.

7/ To research specific request on IT applications in enterprises to get training content contribution of the College;

8/ To propose training- linked content on IT human resource for enterprises; to introduce the enterprises the graduates;

9/ To support students in choosing place for the internship and in seeking job opportunity at the enterprise;

10/ To statistic carreer statement and working quality of the graduates; to get the comment of enterprises on skills, abilities and working attitudes of the graduates;

11/ To preside and cooperate with Training Affairs Division, International Cooperation and Research Division to research the market on IT human resource oversea.


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