Vietnam-Korea Friendship Information Technology College students receive starting salaries of 5 to 6 million VND / month

Doctor Hoang Bao Hung, Rector of the college said: Over the past 5 years, many foreign companies - including Korean companies -  has invested in Danang. Foreseeing trends and needs of businesses as well as supporting students, Vietnam-Korea Friendship Information Technology College signed the memorandum of cooperation with Finger (a Korean enterprise dedicated to providing financial solutions and services through Mobile and the Internet).

Accordingly, "Start-up Project between the students of the college and Finger" will be done in one year with multiple sections related to IT applications that run on Android and IOS operating systems, based on the ideas of Finger and the college’s students.

The college has collaborated with Finger to recruite 17 students who major in information technology to participate in the project. Mr. Kim Young Chul, a supervisor of Finger in Vietnam said: Students of the college have fully grasped the basic knowledge about IT. When selecting students, the company has focused on factors like diligence in study and work, mild personality to be able to work in teams or with colleagues and professional knowledge.

Dr. Hoang Bao Hung, rector of Korea-Vietnam Friendship Information Technology College shaking hands with the representative from Finger company supporting students participating in “Start-up Project”

The project is divided into three groups, in each of which students will be in charge of each project application: Online business, social network and work management.

Mr. Lee Junghoon, deputy general director managing the project in Vietnam said: “That Finger company coordinate with Korea-Vietnam Friendship Information Technology College will be the best effort to help the development of IT in enterprises in Vietnam. In the first phase of the project (skills training phase), the selected students will receive our leading IT training, Korean language training as well as Korean businesses culture and some soft skills for work."

After 2 months of implementation, at the end of the first phase, 17 students of the college went through a capability examination of Finger company and got high results, being eligible to join the project, especially with 5 students in their third year. Students selected for the project are supported by Finger company with the starting salaries of 5 to 6 million VND/ month.

Evaluating the success of the project, Mr. Hoang Bao Hung said: "The Start-up Project between Finger company and Korea-Vietnam Friendship Information Technology College is in nature a training model “training on job”. This project marks the close cooperation of the college with businesses (especially Korean businesses), not only promoting professional capabilities for IT students but also creating employment opportunities with good salaries for students right from the time they still study at the college".

The three groups of Start-up Project of the Korea-Vietnam college will be launched at the conference and exhibition of start-up booths "Start-up Fair 2016" held by Da Nang Business Incubator (DNES) on 18th June 2016.

Vo Thi Thanh Nga

Vo Le Thanh Huyen