The school - business partnership project with the finger software company of Korea

On their business trip to check the implementation progress of the company’s projects in Vietnam, the company leaders visited and worked with the school’s leaders on the situation of human resource training in the last 2 months as well as discussed some of the content continued to be implemented in phase 2.

During the meeting, Mr. Park Min Su - director of the Finger software company of Korea highly appreciated the spirits and attitudes of the students in the vocational training process as well as the results achieved beyond the expectations of the company. Besides, the director also appreciated the active support from the school on the basis of teaching and practice during the time the experts came and worked in the company.

The training program will be finished in the end of April and the company will plan to recruit the outstanding students to participate directly in the software development project. It is expected that the next phase of the project will be conducted in the beginning of May. In addition, the current training program will be still continued for the students of the school. Mr. Hoang Bao Hung - the school’s rector noted the contribution of the company and promised to support the company in terms of infrastructure and give good conditions for the company’s experts to perform their tasks.

In the end of the meeting, the two sides agreed to name project “Start-up Project of the students of Korea - Vietnam Friendship Information Technology College and the Finger company.”, and locate the office at the school where students will be selected and to participate in the project.

Translated by Tran Thi Thuy Lien

Edited by Truong Van Tuan