The college’s leaders receiving the delegation of the police department of Daegu, Korea

Among the college’s members who took part in receiving the delegation are Mr. HoangBao Hung – The rector, Mr. Nguyen Van Tan - Head of financial planning department, Mr. Nguyen Hai - Head of administration department, Ms. Tran Thi Kim Oanh - Head of student affairs department, Ms. Hoang ThiKhanh Van - Deputy head of international cooperation and science and technology department, Mr. Tran Thanh Tuan - Director of international training Centre ...

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Pictures of the working day

Representing the Daegu’s police department are the lieutenant general Hur Young Bum - Director of Daegu’s police department, colonel Kim Young Hwan - Head of security department, senior lieutenant colonel Park JeungSik - Head of external relations department, senior lieutenant colonel Lee Si Hoa - Head of intelligence department, lieutenant colonel Lee JuHee–Officer of external relations department, lieutenant colonel Kim Jong Woo – Officer of security department.

During the meeting, Mr. Hoang Bao Hung –The college’s rector introduced the history of the college’s formation and development, the international cooperation between the college with universities in Korea such as student exchange programs 3 + 2, summer and wintervolunteer programs, cooperation activities with Korean businesses.

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Mr. Hur Young Bum, representative from Daegu’s police department said when he visited the college, he felt it is the place for IT development. He hoped the college will apply effective teaching methods for students to promote their creativity, becoming a place for training students good at IT. He also promised to support the college in creating collaborative relationships with universities in the city of Daegu.


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Translated by Vo Le ThanhHuyen

 Edited by Truong Van Tuan