The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College and Finger Company



The signing ceremony took place with the presence of Ph.D Hoang Bao Hung – the principal of Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College, the deputy principals, the heads of the faculties, the directors of the centers. Mr. Lee Jung Hoon, Financial Management Director, on behalf of the General Director of Finger company, signed the MOU.  Mr. Kang Sun Young, Business Development Director, Mr. Kim Young Chul, the Expert Consultant are other delegates.

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The scene of the signing ceremony


On behalf of the college, Ph.D Hoang Bao Hung introduced the process of building and developing of Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College in the past 10 years with the outstanding achievements of the training in the country, the cooperation with many institutions and companies in Vietnam and in other countries, especially Korean universities and enterprises. The programs such as students exchanging,  3 plus 2 ... bring about great opportunities for the students to study at the universities in Korea such as Tong Myong University, Soongsil University, Kangwon University, Chosun University. Some students graduating from Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College has been working at  Samsung Vina, Dōsan Vietnam, Deep Blue, BrainyX ... The training and human resource development cooperation between Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College and Finger company creates the attachment of the training process of Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College to Korean enterprises, especially enterprises in Korea. This cooperation also helps students approach the working environment, have incomes while studying at the college.


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The representatives from the two sides in the signing ceremony


Mr. LEE JUNGHOON , the Director of Administrative Management – Finger company introduced the achievements of the company in Korea, especially the applications in finance and banking, e – commerce. The search for the partners as IT training facilities in Vietnam is one of the right directions to combine the training and the recruitment of human resources to work for Finger not only in Vietnam but also in Korea according to the evaluation of Korea International Cooperation (KOICA), Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College is an ODA project of Korea in training in Vietnam which is rather effective and successful. For this reason, Finger company is willing to cooperate with the college in order to improve the training quality to supply Finger company with the human resources in Vietnam as well as in Korea.


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The representatives from the two sides exchanging souvenirs


The signing ceremony is based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit to unify the procedures of cooperations on training, transfer of science and technology, human resources development. The program has some main points: students are selected and trained in 2 months; the second is the students who meets the requirements will be recruited to work for the company and have the chance to study and work in Korea. The representaives from the two sides exchanged souvenirs to express the solidarity and the partnership.


The signing ceremony was carried out based on the unity from the two sided. Through this ceremony, the prestige and the brand name of Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College is continuously confirmed in the trend of integration, human resourcces training and development to participate in the international work force market.


Finger is an Korea's leading company specializing in providing the services and the IT applications solutions in the field of finance and banking on the internet and mobile facilities.

On the basis of the cooperation between the government of Vietnam and Korea in training, particularly, the ODA project to build and develop Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College from 2006. The majors of Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College are applied with the advanced training programs from Korea in IT. Therefore, Finger company is willing to cooperate with Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College to select train students on IT and to help students have an access to the advanced applications in the world which are being used in Korea. After the end of the training program, students will be recruited to work with the projects in Vietnam with a competitive income, with their capacity. The excellent students will be sent to Korea for training and working.

The cooperation between the two sides enhances the position of Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College in the field of human resources training on IT. The company will have more choices to recruit the high quality human resources to meet the needs of expanding and developing the market in Korea and in other countries around the world including Vietnam.


Thanh Tuan, Director of The Center of International Training

Translated by Pham Tran Moc Mieng

 Edited by Truong Van Tuana