Receiving the rector delegation from Soongsil university, Korea

On that working day, Mr. Hoang Bao Hung, the rector of VKFITC, mentioned some of the issues regarding the project of “Upgrading the VKFITC college into a university” like the project coursebooks, research programs among students, project equipment and voluntary programs.


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Regarding project coursebooks, Mr. Hahn Hern Soo, the rector of Soongsil University, informed that his university was trying to complete and sending the rest of coursebooks as soon as possible.As for research programs among students, 2 lecturers had completed all their files and were going to register for the study at Soongsil University in Spring 2016 and the remaining lecturers would join the study program in Autumn 2016.Concerning additional equipment, after receiving the adjustedequipment file based on the form of Soongsil University, the university would check and implement them. Regarding the voluntary programs, there would be a discussion to unify the specific content of the program.


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Besides, the two sides also unified some issues concerning the organization of the international seminar SMA 2016 like necessary information to supply supplementary files, and to ask for permission on hosting an international seminar.

To end the working day, Mr. Hahn Hern Soo, the rector of Soongsil University, expressed his hope that the VKFITC college and Soongsil University would constantly strengthen this close relationship and he also put some lines of memory down the Yellow Notebook “한국과베트남이영원한친구이듯이숭실대학교와한-베친선IT대학이무궁한친구가되기를기원합니다. - 숭실대학교총장한헌수, 2015년11월9일” (Translated: I hope that the VKFITC college and Soongsil University will be friends forever just like the long-lasting friendship between Vietnam and Korea - Hahn Hern Soo, Rector of Soongsil University– 9th November 2015)

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News: Thanh Truc – Department of International Cooperation

 Translator: Thanh Huyen – Deparment of Basic Studies