Korean – Vietnamese Cultural Exchanges


This program was an event to close the series of volunteer activities in the framework of “Winter Volunteer Program” held by KVFITC with the coordination of SoongSil’s Volunteer Student Group (Korea). In the period of 9 days (from 23/12 to 31/12/2014), the SoongSil’s Volunteer Student Group and KVFITC’s students together held meaningful programs such as: Volunteering for the community, cultural and sport exchange…


On behalf of SoongSil’s Volunteer Student Group, Mr. Kim Jae Gwon – the leading manager, stated: “From the first day here, we received great concern from KVFITC. Vietnamese students are very kind-hearted. Vietnamese food is delicious and our cultural exchange programs are really very meaningful. We hope in the future there would be more such exchange programs between our students.”

Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho, KVFITC’s Vice Pricipal, Chairman of Korean –Vietnamese Friendship Branch, said that through these volunteer activities, KVFITC desired to give its best condition and environment to students to help them accumulate their life experience and improve their social skills. Besides, this is a chance for KVFITC to maintain and promote the quality of teaching and learning. The cultural and art exchange activities, especially volunteer activities, helped to consolidate and tighten the union between two nations.


The Korean – Vietnamese Cultural Exchange Program took place in an exciting and warm air regardless of language barrier. All actors and actress from SoongSil University and KVFITC played well-prepared items, showing both national identity and modern life such as: Vietnamese bamboo dance, Vietnamese rice drum dance, Vietnamese lotus spirit dance, K-pop remix, Gangnam Style dance, Gentlemen dance. The program closed in attachment and emotion.

Some exchange pictures