Information Technology Faculty

 le tu thanh

Dean: M.S. Le Tu Thanh

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 nguyen quang vu

Vice Dean: Ph.D. Nguyen Quang Vu

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The faculty consists of 3 departments:

- Information System - Computer Networks

- Computer Programming
With 25 lectures, 6 Doctors, 19 Masters (7 Ph.D. candidates)



Staffs and lecturers of Information Technology Faculty



1. Information System Major:

Equipping students with in-depth knowledge of information system, the ability to build the information system for the management of the economy, administration and service. Graduates have the ability to work in the field of software industry, assumed various positions such as information system management, database management in the domestic and foreign agencies in many areas with information technology applications such as banking, e-education, e-commerce, ...



Programming practice time


2. Computer Programming Major:

Providing students with the knowledge and the ability to use the expertise of the various tools that can be applied to, survey, analyze, design, software development, apply information technology in all areas.Graduates have the opportunity to work in the field of software engineering; processing zones, outsourcing, research and development of software; project management units, departments or units with information technology applications or providers of technology services, such as distributing information, software maintenance, computer equipment, computer network,…


Media and computer networks equip students with the ability to exploit, operate, design, analyze and maintain the computer networks with the practices on modern devices. Graduates have enough knowledge, skills and qualifications to work in the fields of large scale information technology applications such as: banking, insurance, aviation, electronic commerce, network setting up and administrating, information security.


Network cable cutting practice time


Operating system theory practice time


IT industry equips students with in-depth knowledge of software engineering, applications programming on mobile devices in order to be able to meet the requirements of enterprises. Graduates are capable to design software applications; manage information technology projects; counseling, designing applications in public administration; design, websites; develop mobile app.